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Widely recognized as the source for practical information about international postal addressing for over 200 countries and territories with country-by-country information examples. The Guide is available in both print and online. Most recent online update: April 19, 2017. Most recent print edition: 2016. More...

WorldVu’s address and country information in electronic files – MS Word, MS Excel, text, or pdf are among the formats available. Mailing address information, telephone number formats, country and province codes and more are available. More...

"We can never have enough information and instruction related to managing our way through the process of preparing and distributing international mail. As always, Merry has found a way to make it easier to understand..." More...

Accurate web-based worldwide address forms with correct postal address templates for the more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Gather more consistent and accurate date with less effort compared to generic international address forms. See and test sample forms.

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