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19 Sept 2005               23 May 2006

WorldVu Releases 'Accurate Worldwide Addresses' Software

Revolutionary Data Capture Software Solves Persistent Problems for International Businesses

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J., Sept. 19 -- Today, WorldVu LLC announces its newest product: Accurate Worldwide Addresses software for international direct marketers.

"This is a real breakthrough," declared WorldVu President Merry Law. "Bad addresses are a persistent problem for international businesses that costs all of us money and customers, and slow growth. Our Accurate Worldwide Addresses software solves this problem. It's working for WorldVu, and it'll work for your company too."

WorldVu LLC publishes the authoritative Guide to Worldwide Postal Code and Address Formats and is a leader in direct marketing innovations. "We're proud to introduce another high-quality tool for international businesses. WorldVu's Accurate Worldwide Addresses software is a pioneering new approach to data acquisition that we expect will quickly become the industry standard," said Merry Law.

Accurate Worldwide Addresses offers international direct marketers the ability to efficiently capture new customers and prospects through their Web sites with accurate address templates for more than 220 countries and territories. WorldVu's revolutionary customer-acquisition software allows marketers to gain new business contacts from around the globe at a lower cost with fewer constraints.

WorldVu is exclusively offering the first accurate worldwide address forms developed for the Internet. Accurate Worldwide Addresses promotes vigorous database growth with unprecedented reach. This software enables marketers to capture higher quality consumer data from across the globe, reduce dependence on outside vendors, and reduce labor and non-deliverable mail costs.

For additional information about Accurate Worldwide Addresses or WorldVu and its products and services, contact Merry Law, President at, or call +1 410-522-4223 for more details.

Global-Z’s “Online Global Address Standardization” Product Wins
Data Integrity and Accuracy Award at London’s IDMF Conference

(Earls Court, London, United Kingdom, May 23) — The 2006 DM Business New Product Award in the Data Integrity and Accuracy category was presented to Global-Z International for its new “Online Global Address Standardization” product at this year’s International Direct Marketing Fair (IDMF) in London. Global-Z won the award from among more than 100 nominees from three countries in 10 categories.

Global-Z’s Online Global Address Standardization product is an Internet-based service that allows marketers to send global addresses to Global-Z for name and address cleaning, correction, validation, and standardization, and receive the cleaned data back on an automated basis. The service supports two configurations: real-time and batch. The real-time service supports processing on a record-by-record basis, either through an interactive web form interface, or through automated scripting from the client database. The batch process supports processing of multi-record files of any size and at any frequency. The online address cleaning service represents the latest addition to Global-Z's evolving line of new and innovative data processing services.

According to Dimitri Garder, Director of Operations at Global-Z, “This award underscores the critical importance of data quality to global direct marketers. Companies need a fast, cost-effective way to process, clean, and standardize international address data, and this product meets that need.” The address cleaning service corrects addresses from every country in the world, and supports single-byte Western addresses as well as multi-byte local-language addresses from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, and Greece.

In order to demonstrate the new product at the IDMF conference, Global-Z partnered with WorldVu LLC to integrate the address cleaning service with WorldVu’s interactive Accurate Worldwide Addresses software. This allows users to standardize and correct global address records in real-time using the Global-Z service, as well as to capture and view the input and cleaned addresses in the correct format according to each country’s specific addressing standards. The demonstration also highlighted the capability of integrating the address cleaning service with a variety of data capture and data processing applications.

The annual award, now in its seventh year, is sponsored by Frank Publishing’s DM Business. The purpose of the award is to recognize innovative products and services in the marketing arena. “By addressing a key marketing need,” said Frank Wainwright, Publishing Editor of DM Business, “our judges found that Global-Z had developed a service that is both highly necessary and likely to be valued by the most forward thinking international marketers."

About Global-Z International, Inc.

Global-Z International, Inc. is a global data processing service bureau in operation since 1989. The company services clients in the catalog, publishing, financial services, travel & entertainment, telecommunications, technology, and retail sectors. Its clients include many leading international marketing firms located throughout the world.

About WorldVu LLC

WorldVu LLC publishes material on the Web and in print that provides practical information, publications, and services for businesses and organizations operating in countries throughout the world. WorldVu is the developer of Accurate Worldwide Addresses global data capture software.

WorldVu LLC • P. O. Box 477 • Centreville, VA 20122 USA • Tel: +1 410 522 4223 • Email:

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