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Best Practices for International Mailings:
A Guide for Business Mailers
(ISBN: 978-0-9716949-8-9)

Best Practices for International Mailings: A Guide for Business Mailers discusses what you need to know to send international mail efficiently and effectively, with an overview of the international regulation of mail and packages, discussion of the worldwide variations in addressing and mailing practices, and a review of the organizations and service providers that can assist an international mailer.

By understanding the best practice for international mailings, business mailers can avoid problems and save money. The key issues covered in Best Practices for International Mailings will provide you with the resources to

• use all available resources to improve your international mailings,,

• take full responsibility for correct paperwork and documentation for your mail, whether it’s shipped by you or by a service provider,

• track and monitor your mail, and

• understand the varying laws, rules and regulations governing your mail.

Check out the Table of Contents.

Specifications: paperbound, 6×9 inches, 157 pages with a table of contents and full index.

About the Author:
Merry Law is recognized worldwide as an authority in the business of international address formats and commercial mailing optimization. Her advice is sought by mailers around the world, and she regularly participates as an invited expert in postal and mailing industry meetings and advisory boards in the US and abroad.

She has now completed a major book that contains the knowledge she has gained from over 20 years’ experience in assisting major mailers reach prospects and customers around the world.

But you don't need to take just our word for it. Here's what others say about
Best Practices for International Mailngs:

"Best Practices for International Mailings: A Guide for Business Mailers is destined to become the authoritative work in this field."
      Executive Director
      Global Address Data Association

"We can never have enough information and instruction related to managing our way through the process of preparing and distributing international mail. As always, Merry has found a way to make it easier to understand and has created another great resource for beginners as well as those of us who are supposed to be more experienced"
      Director, Postal Affairs

"I reviewed Merry Law's Best Practices for International Mailings and found it to be very complete. What will be especially helpful for the first-time international mailer is the reference material to address formatting and the different Posts web site addresses, as well as the visual examples of forms that appear throughout the book."
      Director, Distribution & Postal Affairs
      National Geographic Society

"Succinct. Useful. Best Practices for International Mailings saves us and our clients money and makes our mailings more effective. This book taught me what to consider and the right questions to ask about international mailings."
     Senior Strategist
      Totten Communications, Inc.

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