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WorldVu LLC is a provider of up-to-date information needed to maintain contact and customer information from multiple countries, available in print and on-line references and in electronic formats. In addition to providing information, WorldVu supports companies with consulting and other services.

With customers in more than 70 countries, WorldVu actively markets worldwide, publishing material on the web, in print, and in electronic formats that provides practical information for businesses and organizations operating in countries throughout the world. WorldVu’s publications include Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats, Guide to International Measurement Systems, Ready-Reference Guides to Worldwide Postal-Code Formats and Placement and to International Telephone Code and Numbering, and World Time Zone Map Poster .

Recognizing that customers' needs vary, WorldVu provides customized research services on country and international information for client companies. The topics range from research on marketing and logistics issues to governmental and administrative changes to updates on addressing requirements.

About Merry Law

Merry Law, president of WorldVu LLC, oversees our publications, software, and worldwide marketing programs. She is editor of the authoritative Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats and designer of Accurate Worldwide Addresses software. Merry is a consultant on international databases and on direct marketing and works with firms and key executives to identify and overcome their barriers to international business. Merry frequently writes and speaks on international business and marketing topics.

Merry is an internationally recognized expert on international postal addresses. She is a member of the Universal Postal Union POC Addressing Work Group and of the U.S. International Postal and Delivery Services Federal Advisory Committee and a founding member of the Global Address Data Association. Merry consults on international databases, postal issues, and on direct marketing, working with firms and key executives to identify and overcome their barriers to international business. She frequently writes and speaks on international postal, business, and marketing topics.

Merry’s career in international business began at The Conference Board, managing its multinational marketing database. Following The Conference Board, she co-founded a company that created a cooperative international marketing database. Merry also worked with a corporate reorganization consultant and independently advised on international direct marketing Merry was executive director of the Women On The Move conference, and on the management team of a multinational membership organization in Brussels, Belgium.

On her return to the U.S., Merry resumed consulting on international direct marketing and assisted Direct International, Inc. with its conferences, Publishers Multinational Direct Conference and International Postal, Distribution and Fulfillment Conference, and publishing operations.

Merry has taught questionnaire design and basic methods of statistical analysis and has lectured on U.S. voting and politics at the university level. Merry can be contacted at +1 410-522-4223 or

If you're interested in discussing our individualized services or publications, please contact us at

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